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Arthur Haas (1969- ) is a freelance artist from the Netherlands who specializes in sci-fi concept art, environment design and illustration. He uses traditional and digital media for his artwork: photoshop, gouache, oils and acrylics. His paintings are rich in imaginative landscapes that are very organic and alien looking. Haas also paints traditional landscapes which he exhibits online and in galleries. On his website you will find posters and original paintings and drawings for sale. He resides in Amsterdam.

Hubert Rogers (1898-1982) was a Canadian artist well known for his work during the pulp era. He painted every cover for the Astounding magazine from April 1940 to August 1942, and was among the best SF artists during the 1940s and 1950s. Rogers was a talented figure painter who introduced class and style to the SF pulp covers which were often garish at the time. In 2006, an exhibition of his original sci-fi artwork was held at the University of Massachusetts.

Henry Richard van Dongen (1920-2010) was among the great Sci-Fi illustrators of the late Golden Age. He was one of the main cover artists for Astounding Science Fiction magazine during the early 1950s. Van Dongen was active in the SF field until the early 1960s and later in the 1970s and 1980s when he painted several terrific cover illustrations for Analog. His artwork was colorful and frequently more symbolic in style and the figures often had elongated bodies.

Eric Wilkerson - is a freelance illustrator and a concept artist who specializes in character design. His work has been featured in the Spectrum Fantastic Art books and Imagine FX magazine. Posters for sale in the store.

Julie Dillon - is a freelance scifi and fantasy artist from Northern California. She has done art for trading cards, book covers, magazine illustrations, and perfume labels. The site offers prints, art books and instructional material for sale.

Ben Mauro - is a concept artist who creates designs for movies and video games. Some of the movies he contributed to include Elysium, Childhoods End, and Lucy. Site includes a store and advice section for artists.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art Forum - is part of the large WetCanvas art forum community founded in 1998. Artists working in any medium are welcome, though most of the posted artwork is traditional.

Duncan Long - is a freelance illustrator who has created artwork for HarperCollins, Pocket Books, Asimov's Science Fiction, Amazing Stories, Muse, and many other presses and self-publishing authors.

Patrick Turner (1958 - ) has produced about 100 science fiction and fantasy covers for publishers Baen, Bantam and ACE as well as working in the software game publishing and entertainment IP areas in SF/F. He also produces feature work in the "hard science" areas of aviation and aerospace art. The website contains short gallery samplings of his work in those areas, as well as second rights artwork.

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