Sci-Fi Concept Artists


Jeremy Love - is an illustrator and concept artist with experience in the film and video games industry. Some of the games he worked on include 007 Legends, Star Wars – Force Unleashed, and Sega Rally.


Mike McGregor - is a concept artist and designer who specializes in vehicles and weapon designs.

Dermot Power (1967- ) is a London based freelance concept artist with experience in the film industry and video games. He began his career as an illustrator drawing Judge Dredd and Slaine for the 2000AD comic. Since 1997 he contributed to many movies, including Star Wars II, Batman Begins, and games like Bioshock 2. Original art for sale.

Dawid Michalczyk is a freelance illustrator and concept artist who creates sci-fi, space art, and surreal images. He specializes in doing artwork for video games and book covers. He worked on various video games, including Unreal 2, Dungeons & Dragons Online, and The Longest Journey. On his website he regularly posts finished artwork, sketches, and articles.

Turi Cacciatore - develops design concepts of vehicles, bikes, and interiors for video games, movies and TV advertisements.

Marek Okon - is a Polish freelance concept artist and illustrator. His main focus is on creating concept art and illustration for promotion and advertising of video games.

Francois Baranger - a French illustrator, concept and comic artist, and art director who works in the video games and movie industry. Some of the games he worked on include G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Beyond: Two Souls and others.

Timur Mutsaev - a Russian Sci-Fi concept artist active in the video games industry since 1997. Some of the games he created designs for include Crysis 1 & 2, Duke Nukem, Dungeon Cleaners 1 & 2. He lives in Germany.

Fred Gambino (1956- ) has been working in the science fiction genre since the early 1980s, and started using computers in his work already in the mid 1990s. Besides illustration work he also creates concept and production art for the film and TV industry. See quotes.

Gary Tonge - a UK artist and illustrator that specializes in space and science fiction art and concept design for games. Art books and prints for sale.

Andrée Wallin - is a Swedish concept artist and matte painter who works mainly with commercials and films. Some of the movies he worked on include Godzilla, Star Wars: Episode 7 and the Halo 4 TV series.

Arthur Haas (1969- ) is a freelance artist from the Netherlands who specializes in sci-fi concept art, environment design and illustration. He uses traditional and digital media for his artwork: photoshop, gouache, oils and acrylics. His paintings are rich in imaginative landscapes that are very organic and alien looking. Haas also paints traditional landscapes which he exhibits online and in galleries. On his website you will find posters and original paintings and drawings for sale. He resides in Amsterdam.

North America:

Christian Lorenz Scheurer - is a concept artist, matte painter, and art director. He contributed to commercials, games, and movies like The Fifth Element, Titanic, The Matrix, and others. Scheurer currently serves as a visual consultant and teaches at Art Center College of Design (Pasadena). Instructional DVDs and posters for sale.

Paul Richards - a concept artist active in the video games industry. He draws both Fantasy and Sci-Fi concept designs and worked on numerous games including Darksiders, Quake 4, Star Trek: Elite Force II and others. He lives in Seattle, WA.

Marc Gabbana - a freelance Illustrator and a concept artist from San Francisco. Worked on the Matrix sequels, the Star Wars prequels and many other movies.

Ryan Dening - is a freelance concept artist working in the video games industry. He specializes in environmental and hard surface designs. Some of the games Ryan worked on include Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Star Trek Online.

Alp Allen Altiner - is an artist with over 15 years of experience in the video games, film, advertising, and comic industries. He specializes in matte painting and concept art. Instructional art book for sale.

Khang Le (1981- ) has been doing freelance concept work for games, movies, music videos, and publishing. He likes noodles and specializes in environments and characters.

Feng Zhu - has done concept designs for various projects in video games, commercials, movies, and amusement park rides. Feng is the founder of the FZD School of Design in Singapore.

Nicolas Bouvier - also known as Sparth, has been designing Sci-Fi environments and spaceships for video games since 1996. He contributed to many games, including Halo 4, Rage, Prince of Persia, and others. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

Mark Goerner (1970- ) began his career by providing design services, illustrations, storyboards, character and concept development for various clients. Later he did concepts for feature films, including Minority Report, Constantine, X-men 2, and The Terminal. Today Mark focuses on creating concept art for films and games, and teaching at the Art Center in Pasadena, California.

Steve Burg - is a Sci-Fi concept artist with a thorough knowledge of film production and visual effects. Self-taught in traditional illustration, Burg also utilizes 2D and 3D digital art tools. He did concept designs for many movies including The Abyss, Terminator 2, Total Recall, and others. He lives in California on a quiet tree-lined street. See quotes.

Doug Chiang (1962- ) is probably best known for his work as design director and concept artist on Star Wars Episode I and Star Wars Episode II. Chiang's paintings have been featured in major national and worldwide exhibitions. He lives in Northern California.

Dylan Cole - is a digital matte painter and concept artist specializing in work for film, television, and video games. Dylan has contributed art to over 50 films including Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, and Tron Legacy. Prints, books, and DVDs for sale.

Ryan Church (1971- ) is a freelance concept artist best known for his designs created for the Star Wars Episode II and Episode III movies. He lives in Southern California.

Syd Mead (1933-2019) was a design consultant, visualiser of the future, and a legendary concept artist. His future was visually stunning, high-tech, and optimistic. Mead worked on Blade Runner, Aliens, Tron and other films. He influenced concept artists and other creative professionals all over the world. See quotes.

Ralph McQuarrie (1929-2012) was a design consultant and concept artist responsible for much of the look of the Star Wars universe. Although McQuarrie is best known for his concept art and matte paintings done for Star Wars, he also worked on Close encounters of the third kind, ET, and Battlestar Galactica TV series. See quotes.

Stephan Martiniere (1962- ) a freelance illustrator and Sci-Fi concept artist who worked on feature films (Star Wars 2, Star Trek, Tron Legacy and others), video games, animations, and has done over 100 book covers. He resides in Texas.

James Clyne - has been creating Sci-Fi conceptual designs since 1996. He started his career in video games industry where he was designing creatures, characters, and environments. Since 1998, Clyne has been creating designs for feature films, including movies like Mission to Mars, Galaxy Quest, A.I., and Minority Report. He resides in California.

Scott Robertson (1966- ) is a design consultant, concept artist, and the founder of the Design Studio Press publishing company dedicated to art and design education. He specializes in vehicle design, and teaches at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Instructional DVDs and books for sale.

Ron Cobb (1937- ) is a writer, artist, cartoonist, film designer, and film director. Although well known for his designs done for Ridley Scott's 1979 Alien movie, he also contributed to Star Wars, The Last Starfighter, Total Recall and other movies.

Iain McCaig (1957- ) is an illustrator and concept artist who specializes in human and creature design. He has worked on numerous films, including Star Wars Episode One, Two, Three, and Terminator 2. Iain also teaches drawing and storytelling.

Kurt Kaufman - is an environmental concept artist with experience in video games and movies. His career really started with Industrial Light and Magic and since then he contributed to many movies including Star Wars Episode 1 and 2, Jurasic Park 1 and 2, and many others.

George Hull (1969- ) is a Sci-Fi concept artist who worked on many movies including Elysium, The MATRIX Reloaded, and Battleship. He has also designed future vehicle concepts for Chrysler and Ford.

Jim Martin (1967- ) is an illustrator and concept artist who does artwork for film, animation, and video games. Some of the films he worked on include Contact, StarShip Troopers, and Star Trek DS9. He lives in Los Angelse.

Tim Flattery - has been producing Sci-Fi illustration and concept art for the film industry since 1988. The projects he worked on include Back to the Future II, Men In Black, Terminator Salvation and many others. Flattery has also done creative work for theme parks and video games.

Ryan Gitter - is a Sci-Fi concept artist based in Texas. He specializes in environment and prop designs. Video games he contributed to include Halo 4, Starhawk and Planetside 2.

John Eaves (1962- ) has been creating artwork for movies and video games since the mid 1980s. Some of the movies he contributed to include Alien 3, Strange Days, Iron Man 2 and several Star Trek films. Eaves is probably best known for his Star Trek designs, especially his spacecraft concepts. He lives in a small town in Wyoming.

David Levy - creates concept art for the movie and videogame industry. Sci-Fi movies he worked on include Tron Legacy, Prometheus, and Ender’s Game. He lives in California.

Lorin Wood - is a concept artist and animator. He creates designs for movies, commercials, television series and video games. He worked on the films A Scanner Darkly and The Day the Earth Stood Still and video games Aliens: Colonial Marines, and the Borderlands games.

Ben Mauro - is a concept artist who creates designs for movies and video games. Some of the movies he contributed to include Elysium, Childhoods End, and Lucy. Site includes a store and advice section for artists.

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