Sci-Fi art videos

Cover Story - Stephen Youll - Barnes & Noble has featured Stephen as part of their "Cover Story" video series. Stephen talks about his work and techniques, his favorite book covers and his philosophy on what a cover should do for the potential reader. (2008)

Visions from the Edge: The Art of Science Fiction - interviews with Bob Eggleton, Jean Pierre Normand, Alan Pollack, Jim Beveridge, Dave Seeley. (2005)

John Harris at Codemasters Campus - talks about his early work and the ideas behind it.

Bob Eggleton interview - Bob talks about a career in SF & Fantasy art in an episode of the television series Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction. (2012)

Donato Giancola - The Mechanic - Oil Painting - Donato shows his working methods at his home studio. (2009)

Spotlight on the Arts of Michael Whelan - a short video about Michael Whelan that shows his home, studio, and artwork. (2012)

John Berkey Studio Tour - a short tour of the Berkey Studio. (1998)

Antares Destiny - Chris Foss Tribute - montage of classic sci-fi artwork by Chris Foss.

Visions Of The Future - a five part video series featuring Sci-fi art from the second Golden Age of Science Fiction.

Beyond The Horizon - The Art of John Harris - an atmospheric film in which the artist frankly talks about the source of his ideas, the meaning of his work, and his approach to the creative process. (2014)

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